Supporting your wife after a pregnancy

I recently put up a post about parenting tips and how you should deal with your children. What's equally important is how you should support your wife after a pregnancy. It's an incredibly emotional time and you need to be pulling your weight too. Silly things such as those nice nursing bras and that designer pram she has wanted can make all the difference.

We had some graffiti artists come to work today

Today was an absolutely epic day at the office, we had some graffiti artists join us in the office! They came in to a graffiti team building session which was a lot of fun!

They came and covered all the walls and floors in plastic, then armed us with some spray paint that didn't smell or release any fumes. My buddy Jason in accounts had a real flair for it, but my artwork really didn't turn out that great.

It's safe to say that I'll probably stick to my day job on this one!


Other Blog Posts

Melissa Bachmann Hunting

I've just seen the Melissa Bachmann's story on the news. If you are unaware of who she is she as a TV presenter on a show called Winchester deadly passion. She's managed to get herself in quite some trouble over shooting and killing a male lion in South Africa.

What is most shocking about this isn't that she has done this, because unfortunately this happens every single day. But that she has chosen to boast about her kill over social media.

Philippines Typhoon Relief

Okay, I am really conscious I'm not contributing enough to this blog. But it is so hard to try and find time to blog, everything else just seems to get in the way.

That's not an excuse though and I'm not trying to defend how I've behaved recently. I'm just trying to let my readers know why there haven't been that many posts from me.


Hey guys and welcome to my blog!

I've actually taken quite a bit of a break from this thing and not updated this in a long time. So long in fact that I forgot to renew the domain and some guys from Japan got hold of it! I'm not sure what they were up to as I couldn't read all the stuff they had written. Luckily for me thought they forgot to renew their hosting and now I have the domain back again which I am really happy about!